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If you consider yourself a fisherman or a fan of nature, this game will suit your interests just fine. This online slot is set on a lake full of fish, fishing equipment and bonus symbols. The aim of the slot is to catch fish and in the case of this game, payouts - the bigger the better!

With a simple fishing themed reel to work with, you could potentially unlock extra features such as a progressive multiplier up to 10x and even a free spins bonus round, two key elements to a strong and rewarding game at this online slots casino. 

Big Bass Bonanza Game Info
RTP: 96.17%
Features: Free Spins, Progressive Multipliers
Developer: Pragmatic Play
Reels: 5 Reels
Paylines: 10 Betways

Big Bass Bonanza Online Slot Gameplay Summary

Pragmatic Play have cleverly created a concept of catching fish (or payours) in this online slot which fits the concept of slots well, offering the perfect game for those who enjoy fishing as a hobby. Developed with colourful graphics and animation, this slot features a pond setting full of various fish of all shapes and sizes.

The clever part to this slot is the bigger the fish, the bigger the payout which makes the symbol paytable easy to memorise. This high variance slot allows room for a strong layout, exciting features and a fair chance against the odds. With the overall RTP being as high as 96.17%, the high variance of this slot speaks for itself.

The overall design of this fishing trip themed slot is 5 reels and 3 rows, based on a pond backdrop and 10 ways to win. This flexible betway pattern keeps things simple, without affecting the variance by limiting you to certain ways of winning.

Big Bass Bonanza Online Slot Playing Symbols

This fishing themed online slot UK gives you a very wide and varied number of payouts. With some payouts being as low as 1x* your stake and others as high as 2,100x* your stake, there is a wide range of payouts up for grabs in this slot.

Because of the use of 10x* multipliers, the best wins of this game as made in the bonus rounds - the main reel has no match for the value found here. This online slot gives you room to stretch with your betting style, offering access from as little as £0.10* and betting freedom up to £250* per spin.

Big Bass Bonanza Online Slot Bonus Features 

The two main bonus features of Big Bass Bonanza are free spins and multipliers, both of which can add lots or value and variance to the slot. There is a Free Games Feature waiting to be caught in this game, giving you up to 50* free spins in total.

This number of free games can offer you a huge help to win, without the need for more stake. This is closely joined by the use of wild progressive multipliers, some of which can be has high as 10x*.

About The Developer Of Big Bass Bonanza – Pragmatic Play

Big Bass Bonanza is a fishing themed online slot UK developed by Pragmatic Play, based around a calming fishing trip with some big catches available.

For the only fishing trip in the world which can fish for payouts up to 2,100x* your stake, grab your rod and play Big Bass Bonanza here at on all mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.