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Hot To Burn is a simple and classical style online slot UK by Pragmatic Play, complete with all of the traditional symbols we have certainly seen before across old-fashioned and modern online slots.

Hot To Burn Game Info
RTP: 96.71%
Features: Scatter Symbol, Wild
Developer: Pragmatic Play
Reels: 5 Reels
Paylines: 5 Betways

Hot To Burn Online Slot Gameplay Summary

This game is best suited to anyone looking for a simple slot to play that is free of complications, for a basic yet engaging style of online slot. The symbols shown include the traditional likes of cherries, plums, lemons, strawberries, melons and lucky sevens - all symbols are taken from classical casino style slots for a hint of nostalgia.

The game is very basic, being just 5 reels in size and consisting of only 5 ways to win across a very simplified betway pattern - this still remains fair, although there are much fewer paylines than your usual 5 reel slot.

Hot To Burn Online Slot Playing Symbols

One advantage of Hot To Burn is the use of a higher variance, with an impressive 96.71% return to player rating available to give players a higher likelihood of hitting their paylines - this balances out the limited number of betways to ensure players have a nice chance.

With a fair RTP rating and payline pattern, this is a medium to high variance slot which is best known for its strong volatility and high potential payouts. Each payout depends on making paylines of 3 to 5 matching symbols, with the more symbols you match, the higher the value of payout will be.

These vary from each standard symbol, following the usual hierarchy found across all games which feature these symbols. The lucky seven is the most valuable symbol of the game, paying out the 1,000x* your stake jackpot for a full payline of these special symbols. If you don’t manage that, another great win of this online slot UK is the star symbol which pays up to 50x* your stake.

Hot To Burn Online Slot Bonus Features

What you get out of this game depends on what you put in, meaning the higher you bet, the higher your payout will be. The maximum payout possible in this slot is a huge £250,000*, but this is only available to those willing to place the highest stake.

You can place bets as low as £0.05* and as high as £250* per spin, giving you plenty of choice for which betting style to go for. This slot is perhaps more suited to those who tend to go for a higher betting style, as there are limited payouts which have the ability to turn small bets into big money, in this online slot.

There are also no bonus features in Hot To Burn, which places all focus on the payout system and offers no chances for you to increase your variance or jackpot offering - this adds to the traditional effect of this style of slot, making it more suitable for those looking for a complication free game to play here at Online Slots UK casino.

About The Developer Of Hot To Burn – Pragmatic Play

Hot To Burn is a simple and classical style online slot UK by Pragmatic Play. Whilst this game may not be everyone’s taste, this slot does offer some great winning incentives with the most appealing aspect being the high variance rating.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.