Sorcerer’s Guild of Magic

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Sorcerer’s Guild of Magic At Online Slots UK

With extra-large betting ranges and hefty wins, this slot is built for those who want to gamble big, resulting in large cash wins. With Multipliers, Random Wilds, and other features, this slot is unmistakably unique, innovative, and original. Try out all of these benefits by playing this amazing slot at, where welcome offers available for new players joining us.

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Sorcerer’s Guild of Magic Game Info
RTP: 96.09%
Features: With Multipliers, Random Wilds
Developer: Playtech
Reels: 5 Reels
Paylines: 10 Betways

Sorcerer’s Guild of Magic Online Slot Gameplay Summary

Sorcerer's Guild of Magic is full of fantasy style graphics, magic and easy reel design features - the perfect game for beginners with a taste for magic. This game by Playtech brings you to a sorcerer's fascinating residence, complete with mystical items and brilliant colours. This slot has a dark and mystical design, as well as a beautiful design full of wonder and enchantment. The reels are packed with a variety of colourful jewels, spellbooks, and potions to keep the game looking aesthetically interesting and distinct. The format of this game is nothing out of the ordinary, with a standard 5x3 reel design. This means that even if you're a beginner, you'll be able to understand this simplified slot because it's constructed similarly to other slots. The betway pattern is also on the simpler side, with ten ways to win. This slot accepts both novice and advanced players, allowing everyone to partake in the amazing enjoyment.

Sorcerer’s Guild of Magic Online Slot Playing Symbols

This slot is not as it seems, as every payout has potential to be huge - some of which as high as £500,000! Multipliers are a crucial selling point for Sorcerer's Guild of Magic, since they considerably boost the possible wins of this UK online slot. If you don't have them, you're stuck with easy winnings like 50x your stake. When the Multipliers are activated, you can win huge jackpots like 1,000x your stake. Another intriguing element of this slot is the £500 per spin betting limit, which gives you a lot of freedom in determining your own bets. This game may be played for as low as 10p, making it accessible to all Online Slots UK players. Last but not least, with an RTP of 96.09%, this slot's variance is highly appealing, indicating that you have a good probability of winning these jackpots.

Sorcerer’s Guild of Magic Online Slot Bonus Features

Aside from the incredible multipliers, Sorcerer's Guild of Magic is all about symbol swaps and wild features, which are two of the game's most useful elements. These features include wild features in Random, Stacked, and other forms to keep the slot unique and volatile. Symbol Swaps are also used to substitute low-value winning symbols with high-value winning symbols that no one wants. These extra elements provide you a huge advantage in terms of your chances of winning and the jackpot outcome in this game.

About The Developer Of Sorcerer’s Guild of Magic – Playtech

Sorcerer's Guild of Magic is a magic-style online slot UK made by Playtech and based on the concept of magic and spells. This latest release will appeal to those who appreciate the enigmatic aspect of this online slots casino. This new Playtech game comes with HD bright symbols, incredible graphics, and mobile compatibility.