Xways Hoarder

Xways Hoarder

The Xways Hoarder slot is an adventurous game set in a treasure-filled world. With its innovative XWays mechanic, it offers an exhilarating gaming experience. The game's enticing graphics and thrilling gameplay make it a top choice for players seeking excitement and big wins.

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xWays symbol can land on the three middle reels.

xWays symbol properties: 

  • Will reveal a random regular symbol. 
  • If more than one xWays symbol lands on the reels, then all xWays symbols will reveal the same symbol. 
  • The size of the xWays symbol can range from 2 to 4 symbols.

xSplit Wilds

xSplit Wild symbols can only land in the base game on the three last reels.

xSplit Wild symbols split all symbols to the left on the same row and double that symbol. If a symbol is split more than once, it will be displayed with a multiplier.

When xSplit Wilds splits xWays symbols, the xWays multiplier will be doubled for every split.

xSplit Wild setup on reels: 

  • Only a single xSplit Wild on the third reel. 
  • Two stacked xSplit Wilds on the fourth reel, which means it can land on 2 rows during one spin. 
  • Three stacked xSplit Wild on the fifth reel, which means it can land on all 3 rows in one spin.
  • xSplit Wild symbols convert to regular Wild after landing and can be split by another xSplit Wild.


  • A Scatter symbol can land on reel 2, 3, 4 and 5.
  • A Scatter symbol doesn't get split by the xSplit Wild, it will instead become a Super Scatter symbol.
  • Landing 3 or more Scatters will trigger Bunker Raid Spins.

Super Scatter properties: 

  • If Bunker Raid Spins is triggered the position of the Super Scatter and the positions below it will become sticky xWays symbols. 
  • If Bunker Raid Spins isn't triggered, the Super Scatter will convert to an xWays symbol in its position.

Bunker Raid Spins - Wasteland Spins

  • 3 or 4 Scatter/Super Scatter symbols trigger 7 or 10 Bunker Raid Spins respectively.
  • During the Bunker Raid Spins, the xWays symbol remains sticky for the rest of the feature after landing.
  • Super Scatters converts itself and symbols below it to xWays symbols when entering the mode.
  • Each new xWays symbol that lands will award +1 spin.
  • Each new xWays symbol that lands will be dropped down to the lowest non xWays occupied position on the reel and merged with any already sticky xWays symbols.
  • Hoarder Level Up: For every third collected xWay symbol, a new hoarder level is reached.
  • Wasteland Spins is the final level with the maximum number of collected xWays and only 4 different symbols on the reels.

Level awards

  • Hoarder Level 1 - 3 xWays collected: The lowest paying character symbol and object symbol are removed from the reels. 
  • Hoarder Level 2 - 6 xWays collected: The second lowest paying character symbol and object symbol are removed from the reels. 
  • Hoarder Level 3 - 9 xWays collected: The third lowest paying character symbol and object symbol are removed from the reels.

King Of Waste

  • The max payout of the game is 11030 times the base bet.
  • When the total win exceeds this amount the game round will end and 11030 times the base bet is awarded.

Up To 95 760 Win Ways

  • Winnings are calculated by multiplying the value of the symbol in paytable and the number of the ways of the winning symbol. Only the highest win per bet way is paid.
  • A winning combination of the same symbol pays from leftmost to right on adjacent reels. A malfunction voids all pays.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time. Game features mentioned may not be available in some jurisdictions.